Our Joint Venture program gives you the platform to grow your agency.

Form a Joint Venture with us and instantly have your own fully managed development centre.


To be the best offsite development partner option for companies who want to develop websites and web applications, but do not want to establish and manage their own development teams.


We plan to achieve this goal by establishing partnerships on a win-win basis with website designers and other development and digital marketing firms.  

Who Are You?

We are a software development company with expertise in designing and developing great websites and software applications.

Our Directors Mr.Satej Parandekar and Mrs. Roopali Parandekar were in U.K. for 14 and 8 years respectively. During our stay in U.K. we used to outsource software development work to companies in India and came to understand first hand about the problems faced by software outsourcers.

We setup Gayatri Global Services. in early 2014 with the aim of providing development services of websites and web applications.


Who will benefit by a Joint Venture with Gayatri Global Services?

  • Website designers who need development support
  • Development companies working who want the capacity to add PhP projects to your portfolio
  • Individual companies having large projects for which they will need a team. We can help recruit and manage a team.
  • Gayatri Global Services J.V. Program works best for small and medium sized development firms in India Megacities

We can help with

  • Custom application development / Business application development and Web based application development.
  • Product and Project outsourcing.
  • Quality Assurance and Testing.
  • Business process automation or Business process reengineering.
  • System Integration.
  • Migration and Reengineering.
  • Mobile application development.

Why Work With Gayatri Global Services?

There are many benefits of partnering with Gayatri Global Services.

You Get

  • Excellent Team Management

    Our partners do not have to worry about managing a team. Based on your requirement, Gayatri Global Services can recruit a team specifically for you, provide the necessary infrastructure and manage the team to produce the desired output.

  • Flexibility

    Now you do not have to worry about managing your work flow. You can scale the team up or down at a short notice based on your work demand.

  • Substantial Cost Saving

    As our development team is strategically based in Kolhapur (Mah) , we can save in the range of 30-40% on costs compared to cities such as Mumbai, Pune and Delhi.

    We can do a J.V. with a company of any size. Nothing is too big or too small for us

  • Whitelable services

    Our team will work as an extension of your team. Your customers need not know the name of our company. We will even sign an NDA to this effect.


Our Head office is based in Kolhapur and we have multiple franchise offices in various cities. All our development is carried out through the Kolhapur office.

Why Kolhapur

  Why Kolhapur ?

  • Geography

    Kolhapur is connected to Pune, Mumbai to the north and Bengaluru to the south by National Highway 4 which is further extended to Chennai. The city is one of the primary destinations on this highway and a major link city from NH-4 to Konkan and Goa. Kolhapur is also connnected to Ratnagiri & sea coast to the west and to the cities like Sangli & Solapur to the east by National Highway 204 which is further connected to Nagpur. Four-Laning of Kolhapur-Sangli Highway is going on.

  • Availability of a good pool of candidates

    Kolhapur has a number of Engineering and Technical colleges As well as computer training institutes such as NIIT and Aptech. Talent is readily available in Kolhapur.

  • Upcoming destination for IT companies

    Established IT places like Mumbai, Pune are facing increasing infrastructure and transport problems. Also the competition and increasing costs are forcing these companies to look at other destinations.Kolhapur due to the points mentioned above, along with its low cost base, is an ideal upcoming destination for IT companies. We intend to position ourselves so that we can make these advantages available to our clients

Our Team

Company Size - 16 employees

Directors and management:

  • Managing Directors -

    Our directors have been in The UK for 14 years and 8 years respectively and have run a couple of successful businesses. They intent to apply good business practises, used in The UK to the running of Gayatri Global Services. so that we can serve our clients better.

  • Senior HR & Administration Manager -

    Our Senior HR & Admin Manager has 10 years experience in HR and was previously working as HR Manager in GTL Urja Limited, Mumbai. He is well experienced in good HR and employment practises and brings his expertise to our Business

  • Development Manager (PHP) -

    He has over 8 years experience in PHP, MySql, Java Script, Joomla CMS, Smarty Framework and MVC architecture. Experienced in requirement analysis, database management and Project Management, he will be responsible for analysing your project and managing the delivery from the technical team. He has been in the management capacity for 4.5 years managing a team of 16 developers.

  • Consultants -

    Quality assessment consultant: Gayatri Global Services. employs the services of a well respected Quality assessment consultant. The consultant has been providing quality assessment consultancy to large MNC and small company for the past 20 years globally. They have recently executed a project for providing consultancy to the IT division of the World Atomic Centre Software Division.

  • Designers and HTML developers -

    We have a team of 3 and together they have an experience of over 10 years in Web designing, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery and template designing using WordPress CMS.

  • PHP developers -

    We have a team of 8 PHP developers. Between them they can also work on various CMS systems such as Magento, Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. This team has a good blend of youth and experience.

  • Testing executives -

    Our team has good testing expertise amongst them. The senior tester has worked in the USA for over 5 years and was well respected as a critical member of the GE Team. Our junior developers are experience in tools like Mantis and Bugzilla. They are guided by the senior member of the team.

Software Development Methodology

Although we make use of scrum in our web application development processes we all use our SHARP working methodology. For us this is not some corporate theory but simply a way we do all our work. All the work that we carry out will be.....

  • SPEEDY - The work will be done as fast as possible.

  • HONEST - We will always work in the best interest of our customer.

  • ACCURATE - Work in a way as to eliminate all errors.

  • RELIABLE - The technology that we use and our coding will be reliable. The process we use means you will get the same reliable result each time, every time.

  • PUNCTUAL - Once we agree a deadline with our customer, it will be met----whatever happens.


Our technical staff is proficient in providing solutions using the following technologies:


Levels Of Joint Venture

We can do a J.V in 3 different models to suit the requirements of a broad range of partners and their business set ups . Choose the type of Joint Venture for you.

This is a summary of what we offer and we are flexible about meeting our partners' needs.

1) The IT profesional staffing services Model-

Source a team of developers from us for a fixed time period. In the IT Professional services model, a team of senior and junior developers can be made available to work specifically on your projects with your development team if needed, as part of your development team for contract duration ranging from a few hours to one month or more.


The team will work on your projects while we will provide the infrastructure as well as staff and project management.

As you hire the staff upfront for a fixed amount of time you get the best rate compared to other joint venture models.

This model is Typically suited where the project requirements are not finalised and documented. If you would like your costing to be fixed then we can work on a Hybrid model combining Model 1 and 2

2) The Project outsourcing/Subvendoring or Software development outsourcing Model -

fixed pricing for confirmed requirements.

Call it Project outsourcing, Software development outsourcing or Sub vendoring, in this Model of joint venture our team will discuss and work with the given scope of a software project. A team of our developers will execute this project from our offices and deliver it to you. In this option our team can use products like team viewer or subversion to work on your computers/servers.


Your cost is fixed upfront and executing the project becomes our risk.

Once we agree on the scope and deleverables, you can relax and leave the project execution to us.

  • You decide your pricing with your clients and keep the profits.
  • The project will be delivered in your name.
  • Access to our unique and bespoke project management system for real time status update of the project.

This Business model is normally used by large SEO, web design companies who wish to focus on business acquisition and not bother about the execution. We become your backend software development office and manage the software project.

  • You want to speed up the development of a software development project and can outsource the development of one or more modules of the project.
  • You have got some extra work but your existing staff is engaged and you do not want to take on more staff for this work.
  • You are looking to reduce your staff but want someone to carry out your existing projects.

This is the Model with the least risk for you.There is no maangement of the team or any overheads,just one fixed cost and thats it...

3) Permanent IT Recruitment

Let us Setup and maange a team for you.

This is a option when we cannot fulfil your requirement with our current resources OR you want a dedicated team for your projects but do not want the hassle to recruit and manage staff.

In this J.V. option our role will be to understand your requirements and prepare an interview process to recruit staff for you.

We will employ the staff on our books and provide the necessary infra structure.

Permanent IT Recruitment is not just about selecting staff possessing the right skill and ability, but also the personality and attitude that will benefit you. We work not just hard but smart to ensure that we find the right people for you. If required we can administer personality and technical tests in order to give our clients further depth and understanding of candidates.

Our knowledge of the recruitment industry means, we can keep our clients and candidates informed of recruitment trends and change to the legislation.


Staff works to your requirements

You have no hassle of day to day management.